Advertising agencies have different types and sizes. Some of them are small offices with a few employees, and others have offices around the world that work with thousands of specialized staff; But there is a fundamental structure that many small and large advertising agencies follow.
In this article, advertising agencies are examined from two perspectives of types and structures and then, presenting organizational charts, the status of individuals in advertising agencies was studied.

Types of Advertising Agencies

  • Full service advertising agency

These agencies provide a wide range of services and promotional activities, including research and strategic planning, ideas, advertising, branding, advertising campaigns, public relations activities, advertising events, as well as media planning, selection and purchasing. Make the right promotions. In addition, it can also provide nonprofit services such as marketing plans, marketing promotion programs, product display for sale, and sales training.

  • Specialized advertising agencies

Each of the activities carried out at the full service advertising agency can be carried out in a specialized manner by an agency. Today there are agencies that carry out only one of the activities of strategic planning, branding, advertising campaign, public relations, advertising events, advertising production, media planning, appropriate advertising media selection and purchase. . These agencies focus on a specific field, with special expertise and expertise.

  • Special promotional agency

These agencies provide a specific group of businesses with advertising services. (Such as medicine, medicine, education, and finance). Because special promotional agencies work in a particular way, they are well aware of different aspects of work and are familiar with their views.

  • In-agency advertising agency

Some companies create an in-house advertising agency along with their organization to cut costs and direct outreach activities. These advertising agencies have a fuller understanding of the market and the goals of their organization and have a close relationship with marketing and public relations units within the same organization. However, the main organizer sometimes outsources some promotional campaigns and campaigns to create new ideas.

  • Creative boutique

These categories of advertising agencies provide purely creative advertising services. These services can include ideas, writing, advertising, and advertising. Full service advertising agencies spend some of their projects in creative boutiques during their busy times. In-house agencies and special agencies also sometimes use creative boutiques to gain new ideas. Sometimes the performance of a creative boutique is far better and more effective than a full service advertising agency, but since its activity
does not cover all the advertising needs of its customers, the close relationship between the customer and the creative boutique should be maintained until the end of the advertising activity.

  • Media Buyer Advertising Agency

With the activation of creative boutiques and in-house or specialized advertising agencies, the actual purchase of media should be done by the client himself. This has contributed to the growth of the media market and the provision of specialized services in this area. The main mission of media purchasing agencies is to analyze media goals and gain space and time for advertising, in order to select the appropriate mix of advertising media for the sake of the media and the budget available. Since media purchasing agencies often buy large amounts of media because of their nature, they can reduce the cost of a promotional project by giving customers discounts.

  • Digital advertising agencies

These agencies offer a variety of services, including web design, search engine optimization, online advertising, social networking management, email marketing, software programming, and content creation (images, flash files, etc.). Given the widespread use of digital and Internet tools and the ability to interact and interact with the brand in the cyberspace, we can predict that in the near future a large part of the marketing, advertising and communication activities of brands Virtual spaces occur.


Source: Magazine Look